A Guide To Buying A Car In Kenya

The economic climate in Kenya has tremendously improved in the last decade. This has brought in many investors into the country. It has also brought about a better climate for anyone buying a car in Kenya.

There are many routes you can use when it comes to buying a car in Kenya. The first and the most obvious one is when you hook up with a friend and they know of a friend of a friend who happens to be selling one. While this is not seriously considered as ambitious way of getting a car, it nevertheless works for thousands of Kenyans.

There are numerous car bazaars that offer excellent used cars from all over the world, but mostly from the Far East. The bazaars are replete with a wide variety of cars from Toyotas, Nissans, American and European made cars. The great benefit that rides with this method of getting a car is the fact that all the paper work has been done. There are no importation headaches and the waiting time which normally runs into weeks if not months is absent. There are usually no tax complications, although some bazaars will let you deal with the custom services if you so wish.

The other method of buying a car in Kenya is by going to the trademark car dealers. These are the car dealers that sell brand new cars. Though relatively expensive, the cars sold here are exactly those that you would find on London roads or any other big city. They deal with Kenya Revenue Authority on your behalf, and all you got to do is pay the price and drive home with a brand new car. Most of the dealers have credit financing facility.

Over 80% percent of cars on Kenyan roads are used cars from other countries. If any of the methods above is not satisfactory, then you can always import a car by yourself from the source country. Just note that a car shouldn’t be more than 8 years old when being imported.

It is for this reason that if you are considering to buy a car in Kenya, it would be better to get one locally instead of importing one that is used and older than 8 years. There have been cases at the port of Mombasa where cars have not been cleared because the people who purchased the car got it from dealers who conned them that the car was less than 8 years old. It is much safer to purchase a car that is already in Kenya than going through all the hustles of importing one. It will save you time and you will be less stressed.

You can use an online agent to get for you a list of cars in Kenya that you would like to purchase. All that is needed is for the client to give certain requirements of the car that they are looking for and it is up to the agent to locate car dealers in Kenya who have the cars that meet those requirements.

Online car dealers in Kenya can help you buy a car in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or anywhere in the country.

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