The Ease Of Buying A Car In Kenya

Kenya happens to be one of the hubs for the East African region. Many people who import goods from other countries usually opt to use the port of Mombasa, which is on the Coastline of Kenya.

Buying a car in Kenya has become easier and cheaper because of the money car dealers that exist. For example, in the capital city of Nairobi, you will not drive for more than 10 minutes without coming across a car dealership. This just shows you how cheap and affordable cars have become.

Most car importers usually get their vehicles from Dubai and Japan. However, many of the car dealers in Kenya have decided have certain specialization depending on where people come from. Here is what I mean: car dealerships that are found in the suburbs and gated communities like Lavington, Kileleshwa, Karen, Muthaiga, etc. will sell high-end, not-so-popular cars in Kenya such as Range Rovers, Mercedes, Volvo…in short, European cars. Since people living in such areas seem to be ‘moneyed’, they open car dealerships for that particular market. If you are a resident of Nairobi, you will notice that most of the car dealerships that are located near the city centre sell popular cars in Kenya, mostly Toyotas and Nissans i.e. Japanese Cars.

With the many car dealers in Nairobi, it becomes a bit hard to know where to start looking for a car. It is for this reason that buying a car in Kenya through the internet is becoming popular and easier. Nairobi has been found out to be one of the busiest cities in Africa and the world. Many people who work here start their day at 6am and end it at 12 hours later at 6pm. Putting into the consideration the traffic jams that are experienced in the city of Nairobi, not many people have the time to go and look for a car to buy. It is for this reason that you will find many people who want to buy a car in Nairobi spending a lot of time on the internet looking for a place to purchase the vehicle.

This seems to be a better option when compared to going from one dealership to another. To make life easier, if a person wants to buy a car in Kenya, they should just specify which one they want and how much they are willing to spend on such a car. You can then use online dealers who can look for cars in various car dealerships in Kenya within the price range you are offering. The online dealers will advise you which car to buy based on the specifications and features. The online car dealer in Kenya is there to make your work easier while you concentrate on more important things.
Car Sales in Kenya are made easier using online car dealers in Kenya. These dealers know all the places where to get cars. They will do all the hard work for you and make sure that you get the particular type of car you want.

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You can read about online car dealers in Kenya or you can contact one to help you buy a car in Kenya. 

Why Kenyan Online Car Dealers Are Important When Buying a Car in Kenya

Depending on the path one takes, when one chooses to buy a car in Kenya, the experience can be frustrating or fun. Many a times, buyers have failed to heed tips from experts in the market and ended up facing frustrations of their lifetime. It is sad that some buyers completely lack an idea of what they want and rather than seek professional advice, opt to venture into the market personally. Sadly, this rarely happens. When you choose to buy a car in Kenya, just like in any other part of the world, expert opinion is a necessity. Your quest to avoid dealers may just be your biggest undoing. More often than not, dealers are well conversant with the market and despite charging a small commission, guarantees that one gets the best quality that their money can fetch.

It is also important to note that cars in Kenya, more especially imported used cars have regulation that guide that import and use in the country. Some persons, unaware of these restrictions, go ahead and make online purchases only to realize the cars they have chosen cannot be allowed into the country. This is a mistake that those who use dealers never encounter when they choose to be amongst the owners of cars in Kenya. Basically, the market for cars in Kenya is a rather diverse one and requires some background knowledge. When you buy a car in Kenya, it is important that you avoid being duped by criminals and also avoid non-compliance to legal requirements.

Life can be made much better by using an online car dealer. This is a new type of car dealer in Kenya who makes life much easier. These dealers will just require you to give them the details of the car you want to acquire and the amount of money you are willing to spend to purchase that car. For example, if you want a Toyota NZE in Kenya, you can be specific on the engine capacity, its year of manufacture and type of transmission i.e. manual or automatic. Online car dealers in Kenya make your work really easy. Using their sources, they will get all the possible cars that meet the requirements you have asked for and they will send you an email on their update. Their main interest is to make sure you get the particular car you want at the price you are willing to pay or even cheaper.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that the Kenyan car market, like many others across the market has not been spared of the industry ills. Criminals, legal requirements and even unscrupulous dealers bent on making huge profits are there. All one needs is a reputable online car dealer in Kenya. Such a dealer guarantees value for money and don’t just make sales for their benefits. They understand that a happy client will always come back and refer friends. 
Online car dealers in Kenya can make the search of a car much easier and faster.They can also help you buy a car in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Thika, Nyeri, Kakamega, Kericho or anywhere in Kenya and East Africa at large.

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Important Things to Consider When Choosing To Buy A Car in Kenya

Kenya is not only one of the strongest economy in East Africa but also a nation with a middle class population that has fallen in love with cars. This has seen the market flourish, more especially the used car market. However, this enlarging market has brought with it some challenges. When one decides to buy a car in Kenya there are multiple considerations worth making. This is due to the fact that there are hundreds of types of cars in Kenyafrom which one can choose and if one is to get one that suits their lifestyle, they should without a doubt go for a car that fits within their day to day lifestyles. The question is, why?

Well, multiple factors guide car selection in Kenya. While some may look universal, some are more specific to the Kenyan market. Kenya is a country that has constantly been hit by high oil prices and as such fuel consumption should always be amongst the consideration when shopping for cars in Kenya.  When you buy a car in Kenya and fail to consider this factor, it could end being a souvenir always parked in your garage, save for the few days you use it to move around.

Other than fuel consumption, maintenance costs are important to consider. In a country that imports a large percentage of spare parts, maintenance costs are of extreme importance. While some cars are easy to maintain, some are just gruesome. It is therefore important that when looking at the range of cars in Kenya, one selects those they can easily maintaining without constraining their earnings. Simply put, when you buy a car in Kenya, do not just plan for the purchasing amount, also plan for expenses it will bring along.

When you want to buy a car online in Kenya, it would be important to take another step and inspect it. There is usually a way you can tell whether a car that is being sold in Kenya has been in an accident or not. There is a way you can slightly hit the body with the knuckles of your fingers. If you feel as if the sound produced is hollow, then there is a possibility the car was once involved in an accident. These are some of the things you can do to check whether the car you are buying in Nairobi is worthwhile.

You may also want to use an online car dealer in Kenya to help you with checking whether the car is in good condition. In fact, you can use such a person to identify certain cars that you may be interested in purchasing. The car dealer in Kenya, who works online, will look for the car that you want and will give you the results of the findings. The dealer can even accompany you for a test drive to see whether you are satisfied with the car. These people generally make your life easier. They not only help you identify an affordable car in Kenya, but also help you through the process of purchasing one.

Online car dealers in Kenya can help you buy a car in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or anywhere in the country.

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Buy Car Online in Kenya

Time and again, Kenya has been referred to as the economic hub of east Africa. As if in a bid to live to its reputation, Kenya remains the leading car market in east Africa, with used cars taking the large share. Used cars in Kenya are largely preferred given that they are less costly as compared to the new ones. However, this should not be misconstrued to mean that Kenyans do not buy new cars, they do in large numbers. In order to buy a car in Kenya, one should evaluate their level of income against the cost of the car. Generally, there are multiple steps involved for those who want to buy cars.

The first and important step is always identification of the right car brand to buy. There are multiple brands of cars in Kenya. In real sense, almost every brand can be sourced locally. However, in special instances where you want to buy a car in Kenya but you cannot find the brand you want, there are dealers who can always help you in importation of the same. You might want to import it yourself but the downside is that due unfamiliarity and small number, the cost may be larger than you anticipated. However, dealers are experienced in the area in addition to the fact that they benefit from economies of scale. Logically then, the next step is to identify the right dealer to facilitate your purchase.

Although there are numerous dealers in the market for cars in Kenya, not all reputable, let alone the fact that conmen also pose as dealers. Reputation is therefore important in selection of the right vendors. Most reputable vendors have website in which they host the cars they sell. Consequently, when you want to buy a car in Kenya, take time and ensure that you follow the right path.

It is known that many Kenyans, especially the ones in the city, are very busy. Sometimes, these people would like to purchase a new car but the time to go and look for it is what they don’t have. From Monday to Friday, they are in the office from around 8am to 5pm. After this, they have to sit down in a jam for approximately 2 hours before reaching home. On the weekend, they would like to spend time with their friends and family. As you can see, there is no time for them to go and look for a car in one of the dealerships in Nairobi.

A car dealer in Kenya who works online can be able to help such people. All they have to do is to put in a request for the particular car they want. The more specific they are, the better their chances of getting the car that they want. Online car dealers make the work easier and better for many citizens of Nairobi who want to buy cars. The dealers will get quotations from various car dealerships in Nairobi and will advise you on the best car to purchase.

Online car dealers in Kenya can help you buy a car in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or anywhere in the country.
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A Guide To Buying A Car In Kenya

The economic climate in Kenya has tremendously improved in the last decade. This has brought in many investors into the country. It has also brought about a better climate for anyone buying a car in Kenya.

There are many routes you can use when it comes to buying a car in Kenya. The first and the most obvious one is when you hook up with a friend and they know of a friend of a friend who happens to be selling one. While this is not seriously considered as ambitious way of getting a car, it nevertheless works for thousands of Kenyans.

There are numerous car bazaars that offer excellent used cars from all over the world, but mostly from the Far East. The bazaars are replete with a wide variety of cars from Toyotas, Nissans, American and European made cars. The great benefit that rides with this method of getting a car is the fact that all the paper work has been done. There are no importation headaches and the waiting time which normally runs into weeks if not months is absent. There are usually no tax complications, although some bazaars will let you deal with the custom services if you so wish.

The other method of buying a car in Kenya is by going to the trademark car dealers. These are the car dealers that sell brand new cars. Though relatively expensive, the cars sold here are exactly those that you would find on London roads or any other big city. They deal with Kenya Revenue Authority on your behalf, and all you got to do is pay the price and drive home with a brand new car. Most of the dealers have credit financing facility.

Over 80% percent of cars on Kenyan roads are used cars from other countries. If any of the methods above is not satisfactory, then you can always import a car by yourself from the source country. Just note that a car shouldn’t be more than 8 years old when being imported.

It is for this reason that if you are considering to buy a car in Kenya, it would be better to get one locally instead of importing one that is used and older than 8 years. There have been cases at the port of Mombasa where cars have not been cleared because the people who purchased the car got it from dealers who conned them that the car was less than 8 years old. It is much safer to purchase a car that is already in Kenya than going through all the hustles of importing one. It will save you time and you will be less stressed.

You can use an online agent to get for you a list of cars in Kenya that you would like to purchase. All that is needed is for the client to give certain requirements of the car that they are looking for and it is up to the agent to locate car dealers in Kenya who have the cars that meet those requirements.

Online car dealers in Kenya can help you buy a car in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or anywhere in the country.

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How To Avoid Being Conned When Buying a Car in Kenya

The range of Cars in Kenya is just amazing. Many a times, it gets difficult to choose the car to buy. However, this is not the sad part; the sad part comes when you buy a sub-standard, poor quality car. How then can you avoid such a demise when buy a car in Kenya. Well, here are a few things that one should always avoid:

Don't buy cars with dent-resistant doors. While attractive, the materials used are always cheap, mounted on glue and sub-standard. Traditionally, the god qualities ones have a longer life span, are more expensive and also have a higher resale cost.

Stays off the new models at least until arising issues have been resolved. Often, not all flaws are identified during the testing phase. However, within six months of launch, one can always get reviews from other users. Luckily, those who buy a car in Kenya, often do after Western countries have tried them out and probably most if not all flaws are noted.

Big engines often mean large fuel consumption. Similarly, heavy vehicles require more fuel. When choosing from the many cars in Kenya, avoid the big engines unless you are sure you are up to its fuel consumption limits. When you choose to buy a car in Kenya, talk to the experts about fuel. Do not assume to know everything.

For those who go for used cars in Kenya, it is important to stay off the quad fours and those whose timing belts require constant monitoring and alteration to prevent engine failure. Additionally, those with visible rust inside the bottom part of doors should be avoided given that this is indicative of safety compromise. Rust often works its way from within.

One of the ways to easily buy a car in Kenya is buying using an online agent. Online car dealers can make your search for a car in Kenya or even in East Africa very easy. These dealers or agents usually know where they can get good and cheap cars for their clients.

Another reason why you may want to get a car dealer in Kenya who works online is because many times, you may not have the time. People these days are busy with their jobs and work. With the heavy traffic jams experienced in Nairobi, there is really no time to go and check out cars in Nairobi. The online car dealers will locate the car you want in various physical car dealers and will recommend where you can go to see the car.

Kenyan online car dealers can make your search for a car in Kenya very easy. They are willing to accompany you during test drives. They want to ensure that you get the car that you want and desire. They will not compromise on the standards of the vehicle that you want. They have sources where they can get cars for the rate that you are willing to offer or even cheaper.

Thus, if you want to buy a car in Nairobi or Kenya, you may want to use online car dealers in Kenya.

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Things to Watch Out For When Buying a Car in Kenya

In a nation where most of the car buyers are middle class earners, the used car market has for a considerable time flourished as compared to the new cars market. Importers bring into the country multiple types of used cars and such leading to a diverse range of cars in Kenya. However, there are multiple things that unsuspecting people who want to buy a car in Kenyahave little knowledge and end up costing them money. Well, here are some of the things one should watch out for.

Firstly, it is important that one carefully checks out the cars they buy. Such may include check for rust and possible accident involvement in the past. Often rust starts from within and hence one should start by looking at the interiors. A good place to start is the lower part of the doors interior. This is an area often indicative of a vehicle that has begun wearing off. It is also important that in your endeavor to buy a car in Kenya, you take time to check out for possible accidents in the past that are being concealed. Often the gaps between body parts are set at 5mm, in instances where you realize that the gaps are larger or smaller, this could be a possibility that the car has been involved in some kind of crash in the past. Varying gaps sizes show possible physical impact in the past.

Another aspect that could be indicative of accidents in the past is existence of paint differences. One could look up this from interior of the doors.  However, reputable vendors of cars in Kenya will always tell you the right condition of the car. When you want to buy a car in Kenya but realize that the vendor is concealing some information, this should indicate the vendor's lack of integrity. In general, the car you get is as good as the time you invest in scrutinizing it.

If you want to buy a car in Nairobi, you may consider getting the help of an online car agent or dealer. Such a person can help you inspect cars for what has been mentioned earlier. These dealers know all about cars and what to look for. In fact, the online car dealer in Nairobi can be able to identify a particular car for you, whether it is Nairobi or Mombasa. Using his sources, he will be able to identify several cars which meet the requirements that you want. So, if you are interested in a Toyota Fielder, he will look for all car dealers in Kenya and Mombasa who sell this type of car and at what rate. The more specific you are in the requirements of the car, the better it is for the dealer to get the particular car that you want.

The online car dealer in Kenya is willing to accompany you to the actual car-dealership when you want to see the car physically or want a test drive. When you consider the busy lives of many people in Nairobi, you will find that using a car dealer in Nairobi or Kenya will make your life easier.

You can read more about online car dealers in Kenya who can help you get the type of car you want.

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