Cars In Kenya - Save Money During Your Wedding By Hiring A Toyota Voxy or Toyota Noah

The cost of living in Nairobi has greatly increased. Prices of most commodities are very high. It is becoming almost impossible to live in this city. However, there are many people who keep adjusting their lifestyles to fit into living in Nairobi.

One of the things that happen in the city of Nairobi every weekend is a wedding. It seems so many people are in love and they would like to make their commitment permanent through a wedding ceremony. However, the minimum cost of a normal and good wedding in Nairobi at the writing of this post was about KShs. 300,000. This is just for a basic wedding that includes a church service, photo session and a small plate of pilau and meat for the visitors. There are even people who opt for the "come-we-stay" option because carrying out a wedding is expensive.

One of the ways citizens of Nairobi can cut down on the costs of wedding is by hiring classy cars which have more seating capacities. For examples, they can hire a Toyota Voxy or Toyota Noah which are classy and go with the theme colour of the wedding. For those who may be wondering how this is cheaper, let us use an example.

Most of the bridal parties in usually have an average of 7 maids and groomsmen, not including the best man and the best maid. Since most people who are on the line of the wedding don't want to be squeezed and want to experience comfort, we could assume that we need 3 small cars for the 7 maids and 3 small cars of the 7 groomsmen. On average, we could say that each car would use fuel of about KShs. 2,000 for the whole day. We could also assume that the driver is appreciated with KShs. 1,000 for either offering his car or his services. In total, it means about KShs. 18,000 is spent on transportation of maids and groomsmen. This is quite a lump-sum.

However, hiring a car in Kenya like a Voxy or Noah would be much cheaper in this way: they each have a capacity of 7 seats i.e. 7 passengers can fit in the car at once, not including the driver. In addition, there is no squeezing as these vehicles are spacious. Hiring a car such as a Voxy or Noah in Kenya is about KShs. 4,500. Since they have the same engine capacity and consumption as the smaller sedan vehicles, the fuel cost is about KShs. 2,000.

Here is the breakdown:

KShs. 4,500 (Cost of Hiring) + KShs. 2,000 (Cost of Fuel) = KShs. 6,500.

Since you are hiring 2 cars the total cost would come to approximately KShs. 13,000. This means you get to save KShs. 5,000 which could be directed to other expenses.

This should show you that hiring a car in Kenya, especially a Voxy or a Noah would help you greatly in cutting down costs of wedding. This is a venture Kenyans should consider to help the cut down on expensive costs of wedding.

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