How To Buy A Car In Kenya

Kenya is well-known country in East Africa and in Africa at large. It happens to be the hub of the East African regions. Many of the goods that are imported to East African countries mostly pass through the Port Of Mombasa, which is located along the coastline of Kenya.

There are many people who desire to buy a car in Kenya. However, they are not sure how to go about it. Let us look at some of the options that are available to such people who may want to buy a car in Kenya:

-          Importing a Car – In the mid 1990s, one of the most popular ways of buying a car In Kenya was by importing it from the source. This used to be a very hectic process mainly because the car would stay very long at the port before it was cleared. The only way to get the car cleared faster was if you knew someone who worked at the port. Knowing that person would mean you have to appreciate their services by giving them a ‘thank you.’ At the current time, not so many people use the option of importing cars on their own.

-          Using Car Dealerships – Over the years, many people have invested in starting car dealerships. In Nairobi alone, there are 20 car dealerships that can be found. In fact, on one of the roads in Nairobi, i.e. Langata Road, you will be able to count close 6 car dealerships located within distances of each other. Some of the car dealerships can help you import cars.

-          Online Car Dealers – This is not a common way but it is slowly picking up. Since Nairobi is a very busy city, many of its residents who would like to own cars don’t have the time to import cars or visit car dealerships in Nairobi looking for cars. Many of them already know the type of car they want. Online car dealers in Kenya help people to locate for specific vehicles. For example, if you want to buy a car in Kenya such as a Toyota Probox, you just need to give the online car dealer the specifications of the car. You can specify the year, the colour, the mileage and the amount of money you are willing to spend to purchase the car. The online dealer will then do his/her research both online and on the ground to find the various places where the vehicle with the specifications given can be found. The dealer will recommend the best places you can purchase the vehicle and will accompany you if you need a test drive. This makes the life of a buyer much easier as they are able to concentrate on more important things.

As you can see, importation of a car to Kenya is long and frustating process. Moving from one car dealership to another is time wasting considering the busy lives people have. Thus, using an online car dealer in Kenya seems to be the best option.

Online car dealers in Kenya can help you buy a car in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or anywhere in the country.
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